Repbro Systems is a flexible B2B e-commerce platform designed for the apparel industries. Repbro has B2B functionality to retailers to place orders 24/7, generate inventory information, as well as sales history and order management.
Opportunities and potential benefits of Repbro

If you are a wholesaler, distributor, or manufacturer who is currently considering establishing an online B2B e-commerce store, Repbro offers you a low cost, low-risk way to build your online sales channel. Wholesalers and retail brands can engage retail buyers, promote products, select assortments, and receive confirmed orders. Buyers can view seller recommendations and get detailed product information. The B2B e-commerce solution has global support features including regional currency, so retail brands and wholesalers can sell internationally.

* The retail industry is driven by results.Wholesale Sales teams need to match what individual buyers are likely to want or need next.

* Automate clients with account sign-up controls on boarding

* Reduce overheads for customer service with self-monitoring order status.

* Integrate to your ERP once and exploit it in the entire omnichannel B2B trade operation

* Configure anything to satisfy the unique requirements: licences, permits, alerts, workflows, catalogues, look & feel, and more.

* The enterprise-grade, multinational cloud platform offloads IT operations

* To drive real-time B2B sales

* Apparel processes cannot be handled with spreadsheets

* Traditional ERPs are too expensive and cumbersome

* Other Apparel ERPs only do part of the job

* Develop products quickly, efficiently, at low cost

* Manage customers, tasks, and communication

* Grow your sales through direct and marketplaces via wholesale & retail

* Manage orders, invoices, fulfillment, returns, and cancellations

* Never run out of stock. Manage inventory across all channels

* Track your production costs for products, transactions and monitor

* Moving online your B2B purchases through your own branded platform

* Integrations with other systems

* Transparent pricing

* Rapid implementation

* Remarkably easy to use

* Fanatical support

* Enhance your online presence on your domain with a branded site

* Save time and money on the manual taking of orders

* Empowering clients and increasing the happiness of customers

* Personalized lists and prices by country or industry

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